Our Wall of Fame... Real People, Real Adventure

Since 1973, The Backpacker has supported thousands of individuals who've trekked across continents, paddled the fastest rivers or climbed the toughest big walls. Backed by the best gear and service in the business, each individual on our Wall of Fame began their journey with a single step. At The Backpacker, we're not just here for the gear. We're here to help you get going. Let's get started.

tbp charlesw
tbp afgan
africa wall
tbp vietnam
tbp shanendoah
isle sky
tbp skipic
tbp ian
tbp at break
tbp jehickey
tbp gabe
tbp adam co
tbp term apptrail
tbp race
tbp windriver
tbp batwa children
tbp lms science
tbp alaska
tbp darnell indo
tbp nyiragongo
tbp kilimanjaro
william b
tbp cyprus
tbp scuba
tbp colleen
tbp antartica
tbp river
tbp linville
tbp aspens az
tbp zion
tbp patrick
tbp josh seth
tbp apptrail
tbp machu
tbp ski tetons

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Started in 1973 by Malcolm and Lewis Jones, The Backpacker Quality Gear, Inc. became the first outfitter in South Carolina to bring high quality outdoor gear to South Carolina... continue reading