• Introducing the Backpacking Pro-Kit

Introducing the Backpacking Pro-Kit

We're stoked to announce a new package deal for backpacking gear called the Pro-KitTM. So what's the deal? Simple. We've got a list of great gear related to backpacking. You have the urge to do some backpacking. Pick 2 items from the list... 15% off. Pick 3 items from the list... 20% off. Simple.

So, what's on the list?

  • Backpacks 50 liters or larger
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tents
  • Trekking poles

Sweet deal, huh? Just wait... we'll have more promos just like this coming your way. Stop by either location to check out some great gear, some great deals, and some great service. Only at The Backpacker Quality Gear.

Some details...

At The Backpacker, we are all about providing you with good gear at a good price, but we still have to put food on the table. We know you respect that. So, just to be clear, discounts don't stack. We'll take the best discount on items and apply it to your Pro-KitTM.

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